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Mind, Body and Soul

Let’s get your beautiful, magical self whole again – together.

Animal Communication & Healing

Length: 45 minutes      Rate: $180


For many of us, there is a furry-footed loved one that we call family. Or perhaps it is a feathered friend or fish that we love. We know that our heart warms at the thought of them and that we find ourselves comforted and soothed in their presence. In fact, we might find ourselves marveling at the ways that they know just how to brighten our day, especially when we are stressed. I feel so passionately about their contributions to our lives that I have devoted a book on examining the different ways they do this! But, just as deeply, when they struggle, we feel pained. Animal healing through Reiki, crystal, and energy modalities can be a powerful and non-invasive complementary approach to veterinary approaches to get your fur-baby back on track to feeling their best! Research suggests that many animals have an innate knack for connecting with others, often making them impeccable pets. Not only this, but many of these animals go on to become adept healers through their innate traits. They have quite a lot to share with us – if we only knew how to listen! In my animal communication services, I offer your beautiful animals a voice so that they can be heard. Their wisdom and love can deepen your bond and enhance your life. 

Please note that, for your beloved animal’s greater comfort, all animal sessions are remote. 

Spiritually-Informed Psychotherapy

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I work with your spirit team alongside research-based mental health practices to cultivate a customized road map for your mental health treatment plan to help you let go of anxiety, stress, depression, and long held trauma to more fully surrender to a spiritually whole life that feels fulfilling and aligns with your higher purpose. We work with a combination of intuitive readings and practices in conjunction with evidence-based mental health strategies that are customized for your needs and goals. If you are in NY, FL, MA, NC, OH, TX, and VA, contact me to talk about how this might help you reach your fulfilled life! 


Please note that, for everyone's comfort and wellbeing, these services are currently exclusively remote.

Available in additional states in Summer 2024!

Since this is a highly customized and tailored service, we will begin with a complimentary 15 minute initial consultation. Please contact me to schedule our consultation to discuss how this powerful service can serve you. 

Crystal Healing Session

Length: 45 minutes      Rate: $180

I offer nine different crystal healings that encompass three categories – daily balance healings, healings for the body, and healings for the mind. This approach is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural and enjoyable process that further extends to offer you an opportunity for restoration, peace, and rejuvenation. Having the chance to lie back, relax and get in touch with your body’s energies so you can get back to your life journey feeling refreshed, restored and de-stressed – a perfect platform for improved physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. I will work with you to discover your needs and cater a 45 minute session to your goals so that you can feel more connected to yourself, free of blockages, and ready to reclaim the life that you want to celebrate! 

You can also combine the magnificent healing energy of crystals with your Reiki session for an amplified healing effect!

Intuitive Readings

Length: 45 minutes      Rate: $180

Connecting with our higher self and our departed loved ones can help us grow, heal, and expand ourselves. Evidentiary mediumship and intuitive readings including Tarot, oracle, and psychic readings offer a unique insight into your deeper, wiser, unfettered self. I offer several types of intuitive readings to fit your unique needs.


Tarot card readings offer additional insight, guidance, direction, and affirmation about your journey and wishes. This 45 minute reading will allow you to shed greater light on up to two specific areas of your life with guidance on greater information and steps you can take for possible outcomes. Psychic readings allow for an in-depth and direct connection to your energy along with insights from your higher self, spirit guides, and angelic guides. This 45 minute reading offers an opportunity for answers, guidance, direction, and affirmation of your unique life path. Soul path journey and Spiritual assessment readings dive further into your spiritual mission and purpose to help clear the road and see what helps you shine your light for your soul purpose fulfilled life. 

Past life readings give us a unique sense of our soul’s experiences by exploring what our journey prior to this incarnation entailed. This 45 minute reading can help sort through some struggles we have in this life while offering insights, affirmation, and direction for our soul mission in our current life path. Mediumship readings offer evidence of that ongoing connection, love, and relationship we have with our loved ones who have passed. In this 45 minute reading, we have an opportunity to connect to our beloved members of the spirit world. For the spiritual practitioner, a spiritual assessment offers deep guidance on your path toward your brightest light. 

Reiki Healing Session

Length: 45 minutes      Rate: $180

Reiki therapy is a holistic, gentle energy work process that assists in physical, mental, and emotional healing. It is a Japanese healing practice that offers stress reduction and promotes our body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki is a simple and safe energy balancing technique that benefits everyone who receives it because when our energy is balanced and flowing, self-healing and positive transformation happen naturally. Reiki works at the physical, emotional, and mental levels to release the energy blockages that create dis-ease. A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. 


Research has documented Reiki’s ability to enhance healing and recovery in a variety of contexts, including recovery from surgery, and is even offered in many hospitals. Reiki also aids in headaches, anxiety, depression, stress management, and promotes our body’s natural detoxification processes.


I offer several styles of Reiki for your needs and also offer a combined Reiki and Crystal Healing practice to enhance your energetic needs. Your Reiki session will be 45 minutes.

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