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Cat and Dog

Animal Communication & Healing

Returning in 2022


If you love animals, you might have always wanted to communicate with them, know their thoughts and feelings, and deepen your bond with them. Whether you were aware of it or not, you have probably already been doing so.

In this four week workshop, we learn to do this with deliberate intention and conscious effort so that your messages to and from your beloved animals can truly be shared to join you even further.

We will learn that animal communication is only a matter of understanding the subtle prompts of telepathic communication, the natural mode of communication for all animals AND an inherent ability for all humans as well! 

We also explore healing modalities so that we can keep enriching the lives of our beloved animals. 

Total cost of $111 includes all four two hour online sessions each Thursday from October 21, 2021 through Thursday, November 11, 2021 of animal communication and healing. 

To register, click the button below to send me a request for registration. 

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